Hewlett Packard Enterprise helps to simplify complex data assets for the modern enterprise with Alation Data Catalog

HOUSTON, Texas – August 4, 2022 – Innovations in data management have organizations to store, analyze, and extract insights to deliver business value enabled in profound ways as new use cases, mature, and evolve. Concurrently however, data infrastructures and organizations’ abilities to manage their data have also grown in complexity. That has left enterprises continuing … Read more

The Evolution of Cybercrime: Why the Dark Web is Supercharging the Threat Landscape and How to Fight Back

Cybercrime is booming. Between 2008 and 2021, the FBI recorded a 207% increase in cybercrime reports, with losses hitting almost $7bn last year. This is being driven by an professionalized, collaborative and underground supply chain that is harming individuals and businesses alike. Our latest HP Wolf Security report – The Evolution of Cybercrime: Why the … Read more

Stealthy OpenDocument Malware Deployed Against Latin American Hotels

In late June 2022, HP Wolf Security isolated an unusually stealthy malware campaign that used OpenDocument text (.odt) files to distribute malware. OpenDocument is an open, vendor-neutral file format compatible with several popular office productivity suites, including Microsoft Office, LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice. As described in a blog post by Cisco Talos, the campaign targets … Read more

Solved: Re: HP MSA 2050 firmware upgrade

@Adam900331 1. I see on the ,,Update firmware,, page on Conroller Modules, that the Controller A Bundle Version is ,,No System Bundle,,. What soes it mean? The Bundle Version shows VL270P022-02 on Controller B. Ans: It could be a reporting issue that Controller A firmware bundle version not showing properly. You can re-verify the same … Read more

Re: KVM over IP switch with iLO5 user experience …

HPE KVM Server Console Switch G2 with Virtual Media & CAC:The HPE Server Console Switch with Virtual Media is a key component in managing the data center. Connections for two local consoles (a console represents one keyboard, monitor and mouse) allow access to multiple servers running various operating systems. Vi Media capability allows a USB … Read more

Fix Epson Printer Offline on Mac Device

Is your Epson printer showing offline on Mac, when you print the documents? When your Epson printer goes offline, you are unable to print the document using a Mac device. Most users have used Epson printers for home and offices because of their high-quality printing, scanning, faxing, and advanced technology. When you often send a … Read more

Solutions to Fix Epson Printer Lights Blinking Error

Epson printers are the most reliable and cost-effective printing device and are used in homes and offices. Epson printer provides incredible quality printouts, scanning, faxing, and more advanced features. There are thousands of Epson printer users who have faced different types of Epson printer errors. Most of the time we got one question from Epson … Read more

Modernize your enterprise with data services that deliver cloud operations everywhere

Why Data-First Data-first modernization begins with an always-on and always-fast data delivery so that applications are powered to support an organization’s needs. As I shared earlier this year, data-first businesses are more likely to outpace their competitors, recover faster from ransomware, and drive more innovation. This allows you to deliver more products to market and … Read more

New Hewlett Packard Enterprise partner program fuels as-a-service growth for global partner ecosystem

Partner Connect Partner Connect is a digital platform that empowers customer-to-partner, and partner-to-partner connections to accelerate the ability to find the right solutions and skills to meet business needs. Partner Connect provides locator capabilities connecting users to thousands of HPE partners with search functions based on expertise, partner type, location, key word and soon by … Read more

Hewlett Packard Enterprise releases 2021 Living Progress Report; Accelerates net-zero climate target by 10 Years

Charting a course towards net-zero emissions HPE’s seventh annual report reaffirms HPE’s promise to become a net-zero enterprise across its entire value chain, accelerating its target date by 10 years from 2050 to 2040. This commitment is backed by a new suite of targets that are consistent with a 1.5-degree Centigrade climate pathway and approved … Read more