Mailchimp experiences another breach; loses cloud computing customer DigitalOcean

Mailchimp lost another customer after a recent breach. Earlier this week, cloud computing vendor DigitalOcean shared the details of the incidentsaying it exposed the email addresses of its customers and that unauthorized password resets were even attempted. DigitalOcean revealed that it first noticed the problem on August 8, when its customers stopped receiving transactional emails … Read more

Microsoft may be gearing up to test mouse and keyboard support for Xbox Cloud Gaming

What you need to know Xbox Cloud Gaming is available on phones, the web, and PCs as part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. You can stream dozens upon dozens of games via the web, ideal for low-power non-gaming PCs. But you’re restricted to gamepad and touch controls. Now, it seems like Microsoft is getting ready … Read more

Why Is Data Migration Crucial for PLM-ERP Integration for D365?

83% of all data migration projects either fail outright or cause significant cost overruns and implementation delays, according to a Gartner study. Since data migration is one key factor that contributes to the success or failure of PLM-ERP integration, it is essential to get it done through the right means and utilize the right resources. … Read more

Microsoft Dynamics GP Workflow Approval SQL Views: Purchase Requisitions

This post is part of the Microsoft Dynamics GP Workflow Approval SQL Views series and contains a SQL view to return the workflow approval status of purchase requisitions. — drop view if it existsIF OBJECT_ID(N’uv_AZRCRV_POReqApprovalStatus’, N’V’) IS NOT NULLDROP VIEW uv_AZRCRV_POReqApprovalStatusGO– create viewCREATE VIEW uv_AZRCRV_POReqApprovalStatus AS/*Created by Ian Grieve of azurecurve|Ramblings of an IT Professional … Read more

Secure the cyber domain with Microsoft Defense and Intelligence

A new era of cyber warfare Cyber ​​threats play a key role in global conflicts. The speed and relativelessness of worldwide cyber attacks reflect the ubiquitous global routes for their advance. They are unrestricted by limits and unimpeded by the resistance and risks imposed by more traditional terrain that military traverse when forces operations across … Read more

5 Reasons Why It’s Beneficial to Upgrade Your Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP has been around for decades and is Microsoft’s workhorse ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution. Dynamics GP has won awards for its outstanding features, reliability, adaptability, and user-friendliness. In fact, if your business is running Dynamics GP and it is working well, you may wonder if upgrading is necessary. There is a constant … Read more

Different ways to share Outlook calendars

Most professionals and organizations are using Outlook to communicate with relevant individuals in their businesses. More importantly, this Microsoft’s personal information manager software system allows you to inform others about your sched, thanks to its calendar features and tools. With this, you can easily give an idea to your colleagues when to contact you. Even … Read more

#GPPT GP Power Tools Training at Community Summit 2022 in Orlando, FL, USA

I am pleased to announce that as well as the Dexterity Training there will be GP Power Tools training offered by the GPUG Academy during the Academy days before Community Summit in Orlando, Florida, USA. The training will be presented as a single full day course on Monday 10th October 2022, running from 8:00am to … Read more