3 characteristics to look for in your Dynamics 365 migration partner

Our business landscape is evolving rapidly. Long-term COVID impacts to supply chains, worksite strategies, and consumer behavior have compelled most organizations to modernize to better serve customer needs. Though migrated Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers will tell you that cloud benefits far exceed the perceived risks of moving or “comfort” associated with remaining on-premises, making this … Read more

HP Developers Portal | Preparing Windows Systems for Autopilot Deployment

Configuring new devices for company use is traditionally a complicated and time-consuming process. Windows Audit mode condenses the number of steps it takes to get new devices up and running through hardware-agnostic configuration profiles that can be anywhere with internet access. Devices can be sent from HP straight to users, who, once registered with Autopilot, … Read more

The Next Act for HCI

Whether implementing your cloud solutions, modernizing your data center or expanding operations at the edge, VxRail transforms your business environment into a single, consistent and automated infrastructure ecosystem. The curtains opened to reveal IT teams struggling with complex lifecycle management, disparate platforms across their infrastructure and siloed experts training themselves into specialty corners with skills … Read more

$400 Off on Dell XPS 15 Laptop

Dell XPS 15 Laptop Dell puts the XPS 15 laptop on sale, where you can get up to a $400 discount on Best Buy. And if you’re already eyeing the laptop model, here are the breathtaking specs you can expect from it: Highlights: WINDOWS 11 OPERATING SYSTEM. Windows 11 has all the power and security … Read more

Hewlett Packard Enterprise unveils supercomputing research that raises the bar for achieving quantum advantage

HOUSTON, January 26, 2022 – Hewlett Packard Enterprise (NYSE: HPE) today announced new research that demonstrates how supercomputers can be used to test and benchmark computational performance for the quantum computing community, redefining theoretical performance claims that future quantum computers will deliver. The research results reveal how a problem, called Gaussian Boson Sampling (GBS), which … Read more

The Metaverse Isn’t New – Dell Technologies

The concept of the metaverse has gotten a lot of attention lately. While much of the chatter has been about this “brand new” thing, people who’ve followed crypto, immersive gaming, NFTs, and even Coachella have seen advances in what’s possible for more than a decade. What is new is the conversation around novel applications and … Read more