Solution to fix Canon Printer Error Codes

Canon printers are the most widely used printing device across the globe. Like other printers, Canon printers show some technical error codes. The error code has shown the display of the printer, so you can easily check which type of error it is.

Most canon printer error codes can be tricky to fix. If your printer is filled with paper, ink and everything in the printer has correct, then it hasn’t any technical issue. But If not, the issue could be some technical. The error code indicates what’s wrong with the printer.

Today we have discussed common types of canon printer error codes with their appropriate solutions.

What Could Cause Canon Printers to Get Error Codes?

Canon printers produce error codes for one of several reasons:

• Ink Cartridge Issues

• Driver Issue

• Network Connection Problem

• Printer Uninstall and Reinstall

• Paper Jam Issues

Error Codes & their Solutions

There are many different canon printer error codes and their solutions.

Canon Printer Error E02: When a canon printer gets Error E02 Code, it indicates the paper is not correctly loaded into the printer’s paper tray. Error E02 is caused by wrinkled, folded, or curled sheets. To correct this error, flatten the papers and press the OK button. Simply place the papers you wish to flatten under a heavy item, such as a book, for a period of time.

Error E03 (1300/1251): Error E03 indicates paper got stuck inside the printer. To fix the Error E03, remove the jammed paper and press the OK button. The Error (1251) caused the paper output tray to open. To solve this error, remove any problem in the front part of the machine. Also, press the OK button after that.

Error E5/E05: The Error E5/E05 shows the printhead error. It causes the printhead is not installed properly or it’s broken. Check the printhead, open the printer and see the printhead is installed correctly.

Error E7/E07: The Fine ink cartridge in your printer is not installed in the correct position. This error code usually refers to an ink cartridge that hasn’t been installed in the right position and checks the cartridge codes and reinstalled them before restarting the printer.

Error E15: The printer fails to recognize the ink cartridge. To lift the cover of the printer whether the cartridge has been placed at the right place or not.

Error E14: In the error, E14 has shown because the non-supported ink cartridge is installed. Install the right one supported ink cartridge in the printer.

Error E13/E16: The error has shown on the printer display. The printer error indicates that it’s out of ink or that you don’t have enough ink to be able to print. Replace the old ink cartridges with new ink cartridges.

Error E08: It indicates the ink absorber becomes almost full. If you will reset the printer for some time it will stop the error appearing on it.

Error B200: This error message shows the printhead or the printer itself is broken. In that situation, contact printer technical expert through FREE LIVE CHAT.

Error 5011: This is a general error message. Turn off your printer and wait for a minute. Now restart your printer.

Error 5100/5200/5400/5700/6000: The error indicates; Your printer is still packaging or protection material. Check and remove all the foam and pieces of tape from the printer.

Error 1682: The cartridges aren’t recognized by the printer. Check that you have installed cartridges correctly and have removed any protective tape or clips. Reinstall the cartridge and restart the printer.

Have problems with other Printer Error Codes:

• Switch on the printer

• Press and hold the stop/reset button on your printer

• Press the button that you use to make a color copy and hold it down.

• Wait 5 seconds and the reset button second.

• The printer now reboots and sets itself up.

• Reconnect the printer with the USB cable.

• Still no success? Please contact the printer Customer Service.

For Another various Canon Printer Issues or Errors:

If the above solutions don’t help, we need to contact the printer technical expert team, they provide assistance for various canon printer issues and errors. You can easily contact the expert team through a FREE LIVE CHAT. They assist you and solve your printer-related issues instantly.

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