Boost Office Productivity & Dynamics GP Efficiency

We recently published two articles about efficiency in our blog. In one article we talked about the keys for improving productivity through modern office design. In another we talked about improving efficiency within Microsoft Dynamics GP, specifically within vendor invoice processing procedures. 5 Ways to Improve Invoice Processing for Dynamics GP While Dynamics GP remains … Read more

Speed Up Accounts Payable in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Even in today’s world, Accounts Payable teams struggle with long, drawn-out payment cycles. Relying on paper and manual operations contributes to significant delays. That used to be true for Houston-based Rio Marine. Rio Marine Inc. and its two subsidiaries provide a broad range of technology and services for the marine industry. On any given week, … Read more

How Greenshades Can Help You Simplify & Automate Complicated Payroll Taxes

Complex, numerous, and ever-changing — payroll tax policies are already hard enough. A new level of difficulty is added when payroll is forced to handle complicated payroll teams taxes across multiple states and jurisdictions. We understand the challenges payroll teams face. And we are here to help you through them. At Greenshades, we’ve dedicated our … Read more

Easy to Use Inventory Management Software for Dynamics GP

Inventory woes are not limited to the big guys. Small and medium-sized companies reach a point in their growth where they have a large amount of cash tied up on warehouse shelves, and a complete lack of visibility into that stock. Ironically, despite the large investment, they struggle with stockouts – they have too much … Read more

When should you migrate from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central?

With a roadmap announcing new releases until at least 2028, Microsoft Dynamics GP isn’t going anywhere. However, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central leverages the cloud to offer accessibility and mobility, and boasts many features that make it very attractive to firms of all sorts. Thinking about migrating from Dynamics GP to Business Central? Here are … Read more

The Vision Behind The First Solve My ERP Event

A Unique Opportunity for Dynamics GP and Dynamics 365 Business Central Users – An Interview With Pam Misialek Pam Misialek has been talking to Microsoft Dynamics users at events for decades. She identified a need. Now she has the power to try to address it. “Year after year at user events, I meet people that … Read more

Microsoft Dynamics GP Financial Management Tools Showcase: Demos of Five Add On Products

With a long and decorated history, Microsoft Dynamics GP has streamlined the operations of thousands of small- to mid-sized businesses around the globe. It’s done its job so well that it has a fiercely loyal following among both users and vendors. With Microsoft’s assurance of continued development of Dynamics GP, the rich ecosystem of add-on … Read more

How are AP and AR the 2 Sides of The Same Coin?

Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivable (AR) are two sides of the same coin when it comes to the finance function. In 2022 CFOs are prioritizing secured, real-time, controlled processes and profits for their organizations and there’s no other way to ensure that than with automation. Yooz: Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) automation & HighRadius: Order-to-Cash (O2C) automation … Read more

Supply Chain Showcase – 5 Product Demos of Add on Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP does a good job with basic tools to manage inventory and manage your supply chain. However, each organization has unique needs, and often more in-depth analysis and real-time supply chain monitoring is needed. Instead of custom solutions to unique problems, many have found exactly what they’ve needed with an add-on solution. To … Read more

From Payroll to Procure to Pay – Here’s how to enable your remote workers

Are you well-equipped for a remote or deskless workforce? Why is automation important and how does it enable a remote workforce? Greenshades will share the benefits of investing in HR and Payroll platforms that deliver ease of use, ’round the clock access, and a positive experience via desktop and mobile device. MetaViewer from Metafile will … Read more