When should you migrate from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central?

With a roadmap announcing new releases until at least 2028, Microsoft Dynamics GP isn’t going anywhere. However, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central leverages the cloud to offer accessibility and mobility, and boasts many features that make it very attractive to firms of all sorts. Thinking about migrating from Dynamics GP to Business Central? Here are … Read more

How to Start Digital Transformation with Microsoft Solutions & Infrastructure with ONE Partner

The way businesses approach and look at things has changed. The fast-paced technological world, coupled with changing customer demands with more customer-centric business approaches, is transforming the company in every sector. It would be best to optimize your business offerings to stay ahead of the pack and gain a competitive advantage. This means investing in … Read more

5 Steps That You Should Take When Buying Financial Software

The old way vs the new way We have seen a shift in the way people shop over the past few years. Access to more information online and on social media allows customers to thoroughly research and share opinions on products before they buy them. This shift covers everyday consumer items all the way through … Read more

Outgrowing Legacy Finance Software and the Bad Consequences for Your Business

With digital transformation over the recent past, financial software has advanced to enhance efficiency and security in business operations.However, many companies are still stuck with legacy systems for various reasons, including fear of workflow disruption and added costs. While the legacy system may still work for you, they are easy to breach, and the company … Read more

Better User Experience – Better Life

As consumers, we’ve encountered the satisfaction of an alluring and easy-to-use browser-based application that was built with a user interface in mind. At work, however, we’re still experiencing behind-times, uncomfortable, and unattractive business software. Why? Interesting discussions about alternative user interface solutions may arise by designers and critics on social forums, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, … Read more

Digital Transformation Trends in 2022

The pandemic has shed light on businesses’ technology infrastructure shortcomings. No growth companies appear to be behind the technology curve, and their outdated systems are no longer cutting it. On the other hand, businesses that have kept pace with new technology are racing ahead, adding new systems to their technology stack and harnessing the added … Read more