SaaS Business Analytics and Health – Subscriptions & Recurring Billing on Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Platform is what you need!

The SaaS business model is here to stay. Today, it’s roughly a market of 150+ billion dollars and seems to keep on growing. But there is always one misconception that SaaS business models are just like traditional business models. However, SaaS or Subscription businesses are more complex than traditional businesses. Traditional business metrics totally fail … Read more

How the Market of AI in Business Analytics is Evolving

Sponsored Benefits of AI for Business Analytics The current experience of introducing AI and the implementation of certain conceptual developments and pilot solutions, which are only just being approbated on the market, speak of the benefits of using AI in the field of Data Science and Business Analytics. Gartner predicts that these two areas will … Read more

Exploring sales usage reporting feature in Dynamics 365 CE sales analytics

Nowadays Microsoft is working on enhancing the reporting capabilities within Dynamics 365, there are many embedded Power BI reports that are now available in Dynamics 365 sales. In the previous blog, we have already explored the capabilities of one of such embedded Power BI report named “Sales Acceleration Reports”. In this blog, we will explore … Read more

E-Commerce Analytics: Optimizing Your E-Commerce Solution

The world of e-commerce has grown and changed in ways we would never have imagined just a few years ago. The restrictions of the pandemic and the shift to online buying have driven many businesses to adopt e-commerce. Those already operating online seek ways to refine their operations to serve their customers better and remain … Read more

5 Reasons why Power BI is the Best Tool for Data Analytics

In 2014, Microsoft released Power BI. Nonetheless, it’s among the most sophisticated data visualization and analytics tools for businesses, allowing them to pull data from a variety of sources and draw actionable insights. It is, without a doubt, among the most powerful tools available to businesses that provide business information services. In the past few … Read more

Knowledge Analytics Report in Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Introduction: The “Customer Service Insights” is now embedded in the Dynamics 365 customer service with the inbuilt AI capabilities. In the previous blog, we have already seen the “Customer service historical analytics” report which helps the service agents and managers to view historical analytics directly within the customer service. In this blog, we will have … Read more

To-Increase Launches a Plug-And-Play Analytics Solution for Rental Businesses

Analytics for Rental and Lease is a simple, plug-and-play solution that helps you make the right business decisions and enhances rental operations with industry-specific insights. Veenendaal, Netherlands, April 2022 — To-Increase has launched a new all-inclusive analytics solution for the Rental industry. Loaded with proven business knowledge around the rental value chain, Analytics for Rental … Read more

Customer Service Historical Analytics Report in Dynamics 365 Customer Service – Part 2

Introduction: In the previous blog, we already explored the “Customer Service Historical Analytics” report and the different dashboards available. Recently, I was going through this doc where different KPIs are listed. I was interested in “Avg. CSAT” and “Avg. survey sentiment” which were not displayed and shown as blank. This made me explore and find … Read more

Customer Service Historical Analytics Report in Dynamics 365 Customer Service – Part 1

Introduction: In today’s competitive world, customer satisfaction is very important. Providing appropriate and timely service lets you earn your customer’s trust for life. Also, knowing your customer enables you to provide better service and optimize your agent’s productivity. ‘Customer Service Insights‘ is now embedded in Dynamics 365 customer service with the inbuilt AI capabilities. The … Read more

Top 6 Frequently Asked Questions on Analytics & BI Implementations Answered

Data generated globally is increasing exponentially by the minute, which is why we need a sound analytics infrastructure in place to manage and make sense of it all. Approximately 85% of companies Investing in analytics are reaping its benefits, becoming the frontrunners in the market. According to technologyhq, investment in analytics defines the difference between … Read more