Should Microsoft keep installing apps behind your back?

In a way – I’m not going to tell anything new here. Microsoft has been adding apps to your environment for many years already. It’s just that a recent discussion on Twitter Basically led to a general – let’s say – “feeling”, that made me decide to share my view on the matter as well … Read more

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central “Offering Apps”

Don’t worry – you didn’t miss any information regarding Microsoft coming out with a new type of apps . This is merely a post where I’ll explain a solution that I had to go through, and some thoughts that might be interesting for you as well ;-). Previous post, I explained about a “booboo” that … Read more

License-Free Shipping App for Business Central Coming to AppSource

Integrated seamlessly with Business Central, the Order Ship Express app includes instant deals on shipping rates and no license fees Proving, once again, why it’s the North American leader in apps for manufacturing and distribution, Insight Works is launching a license-free shipping app that is tailor-made for any US-based business regularly shipping parcels through United … Read more

Offerings are not “offerings”, and library apps are not “library apps”

I did a “little” boo-boo: I totally misunderstood something from the overly documented AppSource world, which has quite an impact for us to go forward. I’d like to apologize beforehand for the rant I’m about to embark – I just wanted to make sure this only happens to us and not you ;-). What happened? … Read more

AppSource for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

What is AppSource and why do we need it? ERP systems used to be among those of our IT systems that was not updated very frequently. The transition to cloud based solutions have changed that. Earlier a new main version of Navision or Microsoft Dynamics NAV was released every 2- 3 year and far from … Read more