Spain implicated in Pegasus spyware attack on Catalan politicians

A new report from The Citizen Lab reveals that at least 65 individuals connected to Catalonia were targeted by Pegasus spyware, identifying on the way of a previously-undisclosed iOS zero-click vulnerability. Citizen Lab says it has uncovered hacking that “covers a spectrum of civil society in Catalonia, from academics and local to non-governmental organizations (NGOs)” … Read more

Minecraft: Java Edition Snapshot 22w15a lets the Warden attack you from afar

Source: Mojang Studios | Twitter The Wild Update is expected to arrive later in 2022 with a ton of new features for Minecraft, but Mojang Studios isn’t forcing players to wait that long to try out some of those new features right now. Pre-release betas and snapshots have been arriving for weeks, and a new … Read more