E-Commerce Analytics: Optimizing Your E-Commerce Solution

The world of e-commerce has grown and changed in ways we would never have imagined just a few years ago. The restrictions of the pandemic and the shift to online buying have driven many businesses to adopt e-commerce. Those already operating online seek ways to refine their operations to serve their customers better and remain … Read more

9 B2B E-Commerce Trends that Will Affect Your Business in 2022 – Part 3

In this three-part series, we’re looking at trends in B2B e-commerce that may affect your business in 2022. Watching e-commerce trends can help your organization make wise business decisions. In Part 1, we talked about business with buyers as consumers, customer experience in analytics, and personalized B2B pricing. In Part 2, we discussed contextualized real-time … Read more

Payment Processing in Business Central: 3 Wins of Integrated Payments

Small and mid-sized businesses can count on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to house all their business operations—from sales and services to finance and operations. But, when it comes to managing the order-to-cash cycle, there’s one step that lives outside of the Business Central platform: payment processing. Without a way to integrate payment processing with … Read more

9 B2B E-Commerce Trends for 2022 – Part 1

With 2022 Q2 fast upon us, B2B e-commerce trends are a hot topic. What does the future look like for businesses relying on e-commerce or investigating a move to that marketplace? It’s no news to anyone that COVID-19 adjustments have been the driving force behind innovative business approaches. And as much as we’re all ready … Read more