Benefit from Accounts Payable Automation Software

In all aspects of our lives, business as well as personal, we rely on automation technology. With AI (artificial intelligence) and machines doing what was once tedious manual work, businesses are growing and changing rapidly. How can your business benefit from (AP) Accounts Payable automation software? Using the most advanced AP automation software, you can … Read more

Top 5 Industries That Can Benefit From Dynamics 365 Calendar

We have often heard employees complaining about how hard it is to schedule meetings as some employees are busy with other meetings or on leave. When we do not know other team members’ schedules, finalizing a time that everyone can join is difficult. Especially when working from home, it is hard to communicate such small … Read more

How AEC Firms Can Benefit from Infrastructure Bill by Optimizing CRM

AEC firms overcome CRM challenges and win more opportunities with the help of aec360 In November 2021, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act became law. With this infrastructure bill, AEC firms benefit from the $1.2 trillion allocated to fund infrastructure projects across the United States, to include improvements to roadways and bridges in addition to … Read more

How Businesses Can Benefit From a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Migration

Microsoft is constantly trying to broaden the software’s features and specifications. In most cases, migrating to the cloud with Dynamics 365 Business Central may help your business become more efficient. In 2017, the number of active commercial users on Office 365 increased, reaching 120 million per month. And the rising trend has continued till date. … Read more

How Everyone Across Your Firm Can Benefit from AEC Technology (Not Just Accounting!)

Architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms fight battles on multiple fronts. Accounting must keep cash flowing, and seller/doers must find and win new business. Though most AEC technology solutions are more than capable of supporting those needs, there are some key areas of the organization that are typically forgotten—like project management, HR, and IT. How … Read more

What Businesses and Industries Benefit from CPQ?

In our last post, we talked about the process of quoting and how much CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) software can benefit your sales organization. This follow-up will discuss what sort of businesses and industries use CPQ. CPQ apps work with your other business technology, such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). … Read more

How CPQ Software Can Benefit Your Sales Organization

Businesses involved with sales understand how challenging the process of quoting can be. If your company offers a wide range of products, prices may vary greatly depending on specifications. Generating quotes manually, as is traditional, presents problems with accuracy and is very time-consuming. CPQ software can revolutionize your quoting process and truly benefit your sales … Read more