Breakthrough Champion: Sunita Nadhamuni on leveraging technology for global health

When Sunita Nadhamuni landed her first job after earning a master’s degree in electrical engineering and computer science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Connecticut, she knew she wanted to give back. Her ample salary made her wonder what people back home in India could do with the money. After considering ways to give back, she … Read more

Breakthrough Champion: Bethany Mason discusses allyship and why DEI unlocks innovation

By Sara Alvarez Kleinsmith, thought leadership, Dell Technologies Bethany Mason knows all about the importance of being an ally and upstander within an organization. As the director of Global Employer Brand Strategy at Dell Technologies, she’s made strides to help create equity for all. This includes giving voice to diverse perspectives and backgrounds and understanding … Read more

Breakthrough champion: Namrata Kripalani on mentorship and protecting what’s sacrosanct in business—the customer

By Poornima Apte, contributor, and Sara Downey, Dell thought leadership Namrata Kripalani grew up in Mumbai, in a family that placed a heavy emphasis on professional education. Seeing older cousins ​​become doctors and engineers, Kripalani felt inspired to seek a leadership role, and equipped to tackle any manner of complexity, with her quintessential humility. By … Read more

Breakthrough Champion: Connie Hebert, from the ER to AI

By Sara Downey, thought leadership, Dell Technologies Connie Hebert is a unique type of nurse. She’s tended to patients at their bedside, and now in her role as chief nursing officer (CNO) at Dell Technologies, she’s improving access to technology that betters their care. Her deep experience is helping IT developers understand the challenges that … Read more

Unfreezing middle management to achieve breakthrough

By Professor Sally Eaves, author and global strategic advisor in emerging technologies and founder of Aspirational Futures Middle management is the fulcrum for all successful transformations. As a researcher, I have long been fascinated with the role of the middle manager in organizations large and small. But never more so than now. Over the last … Read more