How to get more data with Microsoft Dynamics and the Cloud?

More and more, we hear about organizations planning to automate or migrate old reports to the new Financial Report Writer. “Better enablement with visibility” is the number one need identified by businesspeople when it comes to how they get and use information. Visibility means getting the right information into the hands of the right people … Read more

New Simplified Authoring Experience in Qlik Sense SaaS

In order to provide both new and advanced users with an optimal user experience, Qlik introduced a new, simplified authoring interface for Qlik Sense SaaS at the beginning of July with several new features and improvements. The streamlined authoring is specifically aimed at simplifying the creation of dashboards and apps. The new features and enhancements … Read more

Mature Manufacturing Plant Data Demands Cloud ERP

Discrete manufacturers and batch processing plants have moved quickly over the last ten years to transition plant floor machines and systems away from analog processes to digital input/outputs (I/O), so ERP software could optimize production planning, forecasting, and invoicing, to name a few. However, achieving mature manufacturing plant data takes time as companies experience ebbs … Read more

The Key to Reporting on Business Central Dimensions Using Power BI

By: John Ellis, Business Central Consultant Dimensions are important reporting tools in Dynamics 365 Business Central. With Dimensions in place, you won’t have to set up separate accounts within the General Ledger for important areas of the business such as customer groups and departments. Instead of tracking customer groups and departments as General Ledger accounts, … Read more

Outsourcing Application Maintenance Support Can Save Your Business More Than It Costs

For many of us, the idea of ​​embarking on a cross-country driving trip without a solid roadside assistance plan like AAA in place would be unthinkable. When you’re stuck by the side of the road with an empty gas tank or a flat tire in the rain, you need to know that 24/7 support is … Read more

How To Manage in a Geographically Diverse Market

I had a friend whose father had recently sold a remarkably successful business in the automotive industry. I asked a bit about why they decided to sell. The response was, “My Dad was an amazing four walls manager, but the business grew beyond that.” I thought I understood but asked for a bit more detail. … Read more

4 Ways AP Automation Can Help Your Business Succeed Post-Pandemic

As organizations continue to adapt to the new normal and remote work environments, 80% of them are looking to automate and move their core applications and business processes to the cloud. Going digital can provide better access to processes and information while many AP and finance teams continue to work from home. This has led … Read more