Upgrade to Dynamics 365 Business Central for greater results

The switch from one ERP system to another is an infrequent undertaking for companies, as investments of time and money for the new implementation can be quite taxing. However, when the current ERP system is weighing the business down, there is no better option than to migrate. Dynamics GP and NAV are legacy ERP solutions … Read more

Onboarding en extensiones para Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Un aspecto importante, y que no debería ser olvidado, en el desarrollo de nuevas funcionalidades en Business Central es poder ayudar al usuario a usar la funcionalidad que hemos desarrollado. Mas allá de preparar manuales de uso tenemos que abordar este punto desde una perspectiva mas moderna y usable. Por ello voy abrir una serie … Read more

SaaS Business Analytics and Health – Subscriptions & Recurring Billing on Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Platform is what you need!

The SaaS business model is here to stay. Today, it’s roughly a market of 150+ billion dollars and seems to keep on growing. But there is always one misconception that SaaS business models are just like traditional business models. However, SaaS or Subscription businesses are more complex than traditional businesses. Traditional business metrics totally fail … Read more

Microsoft Dataverse Business Events – Microsoft Dynamics Blog

Several capabilities already exist in the Microsoft Dataverse to relay events to subscribers, and a new way has been recently announced to expose events and compose business logic to respond to them asynchronously. The main purpose of Dataverse Business Events is to allow citizen developers and professional developers to trigger business events. That is, when … Read more

Top Five Reasons to Migrate Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central in the Cloud | 2022

Regardless of the type and size of business, IT leaders worldwide are replacing legacy, on-premises technology with more flexible, cost-effective, and scalable advancements in the cloud. Dynamics 365 Business Central is Microsoft’s newest cloud-based ERP for the midmarket that employs the full functionality of Dynamics NAV in the cloud. When businesses migrate Dynamic NAV to … Read more

How to choose the best Barcode Scanning Labels for your business?

Barcode Scanning Labels are used in a wide range of apps in warehouse businesses all over the world. From managing stock to tracking of the stock to ticketing, retail, patient identification, and advertising, the usefulness of scanning labels is vast. Whether you need basic stock scanning labels, custom scanning labels, or asset tags, knowing the … Read more

How the Market of AI in Business Analytics is Evolving

Sponsored Benefits of AI for Business Analytics The current experience of introducing AI and the implementation of certain conceptual developments and pilot solutions, which are only just being approbated on the market, speak of the benefits of using AI in the field of Data Science and Business Analytics. Gartner predicts that these two areas will … Read more

8 types of manufacturing process and how they relate to Dynamics 365 Business Central

It’s important for the manufacturers to understand which mode they have to choose so that their needs can be fulfilled with a perfect ERP solution. Whether it is primarily order-taking or collective production and sales processes, as well as inventory management responsibilities. The most significant element of fitting the Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP to … Read more

How the Traditional Manufacturing Business model is Changing due to Digital Transformation

Manufacturers have been integrating the strategic application of technology and automated processes into their business models for several years. Yet, as organizations continue to develop, digital transformation manufacturing initiatives have infiltrated the industry. Grasping the impact digital transformation has had on the manufacturing industry so far – and the probable impact it will continue to … Read more

Dynamics NAV / Business Central Developer Digest – Vol 393

ArcherPoint’s Developer Digest focuses on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central development and Dynamics NAV development. In Developer Digest Volume 393, you’ll learn about altering the sorting order in a Business Central Page Extension, everything you need to know about queries in Business Central, finding the Table ID in AL, working with AL-Go for GitHub Preview, … Read more