How Microsoft’s New Finance Insights Can Unlock the Transformative Power of Data for CFOs

For enterprise CFOs, there’s no shortage of stressors these days. The list of headwinds includes: the difficulties of attracting and retaining talent in the wake of the Great Resignation ever-increasing costs that outstrip revenues and make it hard to stay profitable The ongoing disruption caused by supply chain disruptions On top of all that, CFOs … Read more

Cloud ERP ROI: What CFOs Should Consider

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How Rental ERP Mitigates Challenges for CFOs in Rental Companies

Irregular cash flow, revenue loss due to increased equipment downtime, or limited financial insights into rental fleet performance. These are some of the challenges you might be familiar with as the CFO of a rental business. To ensure you’re staying ahead of these challenges, you’d want to adopt technology that ensures your business is adapting … Read more