Secrets in AL-Go for GitHub

This blog post will not reveal any secrets in AL-Go for GitHub:-) Instead, it will explain ways for you to store secrets, which are used for AL-Go for GitHub. In almost every DevOps setup, you will have to store some keys, passwords, tokens or like. In GitHub, these are called secrets and AL-Go will look … Read more

Deployment strategies and AL-Go for GitHub

When you are done developing your app, it needs to be to your customers if it is a PTE or to AppSource if it is an AppSource app. Currently we don’t have any automated way of publishing your app to AppSource – that is something we are working on and some day in the future, … Read more

Branching strategies for your AL-Go for GitHub repo

If you teach yourself to follow a fairly simple set of rules, you will see that the health of your project will increase rate, and you will be in a better place with your project development. So, I will at the ripe age of 56 bestow upon you these 5 rules, which can be applied … Read more