This entrepreneur saw 75% pandemic year growth with help from Daylite

In the midst of a global pandemic that has challenged the wits of many entrepreneurs, Victor Medina celebrated revenue growth of 75% in 2021. Medina is a Pennington, NJ-based lawyer specializing in estate planning who is a Certified Elder Law Attorney as well as a Certified Financial Planner and registered investment advisor who leads two … Read more

Michigan entrepreneur uses Daylite CRM to power family business

As a third-generation entrepreneur and mom to three kids, Michigan Realtor Breanne Martin Gaudard instinctively knows that to thrive, businesses have to be able to scale. With the experience she gained from watching her mother do the bookkeeping, she took on technology management priorities that include Daylite, an Apple-focused Customer Relationship Management (CRM) app that … Read more

How a Washington lawyer helps vets with Mac-based Daylite CRM

Michael DJ Eisenberg is a Washington, DC, lawyer who frequently deals with the dreaded federal bureaucracy, which has never been quick or easy to deal with. Sometimes cases can take a decade or more, and he wouldn’t be able to manage it without the help of Daylite, a comprehensive, Mac-based customer relationship management app. “Specifically, … Read more

How a Portland Realtor crushes it with the Mac-based Daylite CRM app

As urbanites across the US relocate to smaller cities seeking more housing space, lower taxes and more accessible amenities, the City of Portland, population 650,000, beckons as an arts and foodie (and amazing craft beer) paradise nestled an hour east of the Pacific Ocean and an hour west of the Cascade mountain range. Since 2004, … Read more