Boost Office Productivity & Dynamics GP Efficiency

We recently published two articles about efficiency in our blog. In one article we talked about the keys for improving productivity through modern office design. In another we talked about improving efficiency within Microsoft Dynamics GP, specifically within vendor invoice processing procedures. 5 Ways to Improve Invoice Processing for Dynamics GP While Dynamics GP remains … Read more

5 Benefits of Serialized Inventory Tracking for High-tech and Medical Companies

In today’s world, millions of products from high-tech and medical companies rely on the usage of chips or semiconductors. However, the increased dependency on chips for each product has resulted in a chip shortage as the demand surpasses the supply. This has translated into a unique challenge for all companies utilizing chips – especially businesses … Read more

What You Need to Know About the E-invoice Exchange Market Pilot

The e-invoice exchange market pilot is an industry initiative that will change how your company sends and receives invoices. In today’s business environment, it’s been made clear that we cannot keep on with business as usual – sending and receiving invoices by mail or email – if we want to continue to be competitive. Manual … Read more

How Pharmaceutical ERP can regulate Supply Chain in manufacturing industry?

What is the importance of the supply chain in the pharma manufacturing industry? And, how uniformly you can manage the supply chain in the manufacturing industry? An ineffective supply chain could disrupt the healing processes of patients and produce negative effects on public health. As your company’s success depends on you choosing the proper ERP. … Read more

EDI Integration with ERP: What are Your Choices? (Explained with Scenarios)

Did you know that Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) improves data quality and reduces errors in transactions (caused by illegible handwriting, lost faxes/email, and data entry errors) by at least 30%-40%? Yet, over 41% of companies have no EDI capabilities. So, where are you in your EDI implementation journey? Are you just getting started or considering … Read more