Dynamics NAV Support Partner: 7 Point Checklist to Consider Before Choosing

In the journey of selecting the right Microsoft Dynamics NAV support Partner, businesses have to make many critical decisions that affect the overall growth. Such businesses also struggle in deciding on implementing new features, upgrading the system, integrating new functions, customization existing features, and more. Whether choosing the right Dynamics NAV support partner or upgrading … Read more

How Microsoft’s New Finance Insights Can Unlock the Transformative Power of Data for CFOs

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A Data Governance Glossary: Terms & Definitions

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5 Keys to Delivering Better AEC Projects: Maximize Project Collaboration and Communication

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Digital Transformation in the Rental Industry: What COOs Must Know!

70% of digital transformations fail, as per research by Boston Consulting Group. As the second in command, looking to digitally transform your rental business, you want to be among the 30% that have done it right. At To-Increase, we have worked with international companies with nearly two decades of experience in offering software solutions embedded … Read more

How Pelorus Uses Insight to Ensure Dynamics ERP Adoption For Clients

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What is Microsoft Navision ERP? Dynamics NAV Explained

Microsoft Navision or Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution built by Microsoft to aid business management. It is popularly knowns as NAV or Navision among ERP users worldwide. It is a business management solution built for small and mid-sized businesses capable of managing processes of operations, finance, supply chain, commerce, analytics, … Read more

Cloud ERP ROI: What CFOs Should Consider

There’s a double-edged dilemma in play for CFOs these days. On the one hand they know that investing in new technology — like having a fully modern, cloud-based ERP in place — is critically important for their enterprise to grow and thrive. In fact, implementing an up-to-date ERP can be downright transformative, by centralizing information … Read more

ERP Implementation: The Benefits of a Simple Approach

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Project Tracking versus Red Chair Project Accounting

You may or may not have heard, Red Chair is ending their product support for their Project Accounting solution. But the good news is, there’s an alternative. By implementing Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics, you will continue to have the ability to oversee multiple projects and analyze profitability from within GP dynamics with the added … Read more