Upcoming MultiVersus characters: All confirmed, rumored, and wanted fighters

The launch of MultiVersus, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s foray into the mascot-driven platform fighter genre, has been massive. Thousands of players have eagerly entered the beta battlefield to duke it out as their favorite WB heroes and villains, from Wonder Woman to Arya Stark and even Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. The diversity of the character roster … Read more

MultiVersus embraces the competitive side of platform fighters

I’m a massive fan of platform fighters. In fact, I consider Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to be the greatest fighting game of all time. What started as an absurd multiplayer novelty on the N64 has blossomed into a prominent sub-genre with a fierce online community of competitive players. The ingenious marriage of simplistic pick-up-and-play controls … Read more