Boost Office Productivity & Dynamics GP Efficiency

We recently published two articles about efficiency in our blog. In one article we talked about the keys for improving productivity through modern office design. In another we talked about improving efficiency within Microsoft Dynamics GP, specifically within vendor invoice processing procedures. 5 Ways to Improve Invoice Processing for Dynamics GP While Dynamics GP remains … Read more

Recent ISC Software Webinar: A Macro Overview for Microsoft Dynamics GP

In our most recent webinar, we took a look at A Macro Overview for Microsoft Dynamics GP. In this webinar, we took a look at what Microsoft Dynamics GP macros are, how they can be used and ran through some examples. If you want to catch up on this, or any other, webinar, you can … Read more

Implementing SmartView for Microsoft Dynamics GP: Review

This post is part of the Implementing SmartView for Microsoft Dynamics GP series were I am taking a look at the SmartView product from eOne Solutions which provides another way of using SmartLists. It’s been quite a while since I’ve used SmartView myself; I tend to either use SmartList or directly query the database. I’ve … Read more

#Dexterity Announcing Dexterity Training before Community Summit 2022 in Orlando, FL, USA

I have had quite a few requests for Dexterity Training recently. So once I decided to go to Community Summit in Orlando, Florida, USA in October, I planned to run a 5 day Dexterity Fundamentals Bootcamp in the week beforehand. Please register your interest as soon as possible to ensure the course goes ahead. Dexterity … Read more

SQL View to Return Accounts Assigned to Inventory Item Classes in Microsoft Dynamics GP

I was writing a report pulling data from the Inventory Control module of Microsoft Dynamics GP the other day and I needed to include the accounts assigned to the Item Classes. I’ve written this query before and, having a need for it again, I decided to create it as a separate SQL view in order … Read more

New Book on Microsoft Dynamics GP Workflow Now Available

My tenth book is now available to buy in eBook format from azurecurve Publishing, paperback and Kindle versions from Amazon US and UK. This is a new update to the Workflow book I’ve written three prior editions over the last few years. This edition has had some chapters and sections have been rewritten to either … Read more

#GPPT GP Power Tools “Causes” and Fixes a Performance Issue

Today, I started the morning with a support call with a US customer and partner regarding what appeared to be a performance issue caused by GP Power Tools. Once we used GP Power Tools to troubleshoot and identify the root cause of the issue, it was easy to see why they incorrectly thought the problem … Read more

#GPPT Validating Australia Business Numbers (ABN)

This article and sample GP Power Tools project comes about after hearing about a disturbing situation that has resulted in an unsuspecting Australian business receiving a surprise $100,000 tax bill. The sample project code provided at the bottom of this article was created to help ensure that Australian Microsoft Dynamics GP sites don’t get caught … Read more

#MSDynGP: I messed up installing a Microsoft Dynamics GP Service Pack

Yeah. I admit it. I messed up! But it is sorted and fixed now, thanks to a great article by my friend and fellow MVP, Jen Kuntz. I have spent the last few months working extremely hard on the next release of GP Power Tools. Build 29 is now “code complete”, which basically means I … Read more

#GPPT Stopping Vendor ID Auto Populating on Payables Transaction Window

A while back there was a forum post on the Community Forum asking how to stop the Vendor ID from automatically populating with the previously entered Vendor ID when entering Payables Transactions. This functionality can be useful when entering multiple transactions from a single vendor, but can also cause data entry errors if entering a … Read more