Is Your Supply Chain Prepared to Accommodate a Growth in Digital Commerce?

In today’s highly digital era, just selling products online is not enough to drive sales or profitability. Given the volatility of the business environment, many organizations are now emracing a customer-centric mindset and investing in the right people, technology, and processes to take retail to a whole new level. Streaming content management strategies, enhancing data … Read more

New Hewlett Packard Enterprise partner program fuels as-a-service growth for global partner ecosystem

Partner Connect Partner Connect is a digital platform that empowers customer-to-partner, and partner-to-partner connections to accelerate the ability to find the right solutions and skills to meet business needs. Partner Connect provides locator capabilities connecting users to thousands of HPE partners with search functions based on expertise, partner type, location, key word and soon by … Read more

How retailers can drive their business growth by moving their ERP to cloud?

It’s time to move your ERP to the cloud. As a retailer, you know this business is dynamic and exciting on the surface but requires some serious effort behind the scenes to run your business profitably. Nowadays, most retailers are attached to the pressure of providing excellent products and services while satisfying customers at the … Read more

Scaling growth through customer journey orchestration

Customer Journey – Map it right There is no better way to grow and scale heights in your business if you have defined and mapped the customer journey right. It helps you win loyal customers and repetitive business. From the moment a prospect hears about your company or brand, they interact with your company, become … Read more

Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services: New updates to further accelerate growth, innovation, and connected customer experiences

What’s new: Strengthening of partner opportunities, expansion into new markets, and enhanced customer experience capabilities Financial services organizations around the world have been focused on how to best accelerate their digital agendas. At the center of this modernization is the need to better serve their clients and empower employees, while at the same time reducing … Read more

This entrepreneur saw 75% pandemic year growth with help from Daylite

In the midst of a global pandemic that has challenged the wits of many entrepreneurs, Victor Medina celebrated revenue growth of 75% in 2021. Medina is a Pennington, NJ-based lawyer specializing in estate planning who is a Certified Elder Law Attorney as well as a Certified Financial Planner and registered investment advisor who leads two … Read more

Quantitative Analytics: Data Growth Drives New Storage Demands

Today’s quantitative finance environment is different from that of just a few years ago. We’ve gone from gigabytes of daily market data that is put in memory for algorithms and jobs isolated to a few machines, to terabytes of data and systems that need to process hundreds of thousands – and even millions – of … Read more

Scale to revenue: How to leverage fintech solutions to drive growth

Roman and Gerald unpack how the right technology partner can transform the start-up ecosystem. Organizations that pay attention to the community and social responsibility are far more likely to see growth, traction, and employee loyalty. In fact, according to the 2019 Aflac Corporate Social Responsibility Survey1, they’re also more likely to gain consumer loyalty77 percent … Read more

On-demand Elastic Infrastructure Matches Silicon Labs’ Growth Demand

Silicon Laboratories, Inc is a fabless semiconductor company and a leader in intelligent wireless technologies. As demand for innovative edge-enabled solutions surges, Silicon Labs is helping its customers build products that power transformation across industrial, commercial, home and life applications. These solutions include optimizing energy consumption and device security, reducing waste through industrial automation, revolutionizing … Read more