Sales Automation || 4 Important Sales Automation Strategies || Develop Powerful Sales Team

When I started my business, I worked like a superman. If any project was coming I jumped into it for conversion. But slowly this habit converted into compulsion. This is what happens with most small and medium businesses. As a business owner I can feel the pain of a small business, no matter how good … Read more

Google I/O 2022 Roundup: All the Important Announcements

Even if you aren’t a fan, Google’s annual developer conference called Google I/O usually packs several important hardware and software-related announcements. This year’s conference was no different. Google I/O 2022 was a virtual conference for developers. The two-day event kicked off on May 11 with a keynote address. Although a limited live audience was allowed, … Read more

The Morning After: Everything important from Google I/O 2022

Lots of big announcements from Google’s annual developer conference yesterday. It was a mix of intriguing new products coming soon (and some a little later), further AI advances and some more refinements to the myriad services and apps that permeate so many of our lives. I’ve pulled out some of the highlights below, and desperately … Read more

Important Warehouse Management System KPIs that you should measure

You could be shipping orders out to customers quickly and more efficiently. But if you’re not tracking warehouse performance, you’ll never know how exactly your warehouse process affects your business. Warehouse Management System KPIs allow you to set a target for month-on-month performance improvements. Also, it helps to identify areas that will have a direct … Read more

What Is SoD and Why Is It So Important?

SoD (Segregation of Duties) is your best line of defense in ERP security. Let’s talk about why it is so important and how your team can manage role conflicts across applications. Segregation of Duties is an internal control that prevents a single person from being responsible for business process tasks. Giving one person control of … Read more