Boost Office Productivity & Dynamics GP Efficiency

We recently published two articles about efficiency in our blog. In one article we talked about the keys for improving productivity through modern office design. In another we talked about improving efficiency within Microsoft Dynamics GP, specifically within vendor invoice processing procedures. 5 Ways to Improve Invoice Processing for Dynamics GP While Dynamics GP remains … Read more

Digital Transformation in the Rental Industry: What COOs Must Know!

70% of digital transformations fail, as per research by Boston Consulting Group. As the second in command, looking to digitally transform your rental business, you want to be among the 30% that have done it right. At To-Increase, we have worked with international companies with nearly two decades of experience in offering software solutions embedded … Read more

To-Increase Strengthens Its Master Data Management Suite with Data Entry Workflow

developed on popular demand, Data Entry Workflow helps business users on Dynamics 365 ERP streamline their master data creation process for a holistic MDM experience. To-Increase is pleased to announce the launch of its latest solution, ‘Data Entry Workflow’ for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management. Designed for the first stage of the … Read more

To-Increase Launches 3DX Dassault PLM Integration for Dynamics 365 F&SCM Users

The intuitive, configurable solution aims to help manufacturing companies unify product data, strengthen collaboration across design, engineering, and manufacturing functions, achieve faster go-to-market, and boost innovation. Veenendaal, The Netherlands, June 18, 2022— Global SaaS company To-Increase has launched yet another PLM-ERP Integration solution. This time, to connect 3DX Dassault PLM software with Microsoft Dynamics 365 … Read more

5 Benefits of Serialized Inventory Tracking for High-tech and Medical Companies

In today’s world, millions of products from high-tech and medical companies rely on the usage of chips or semiconductors. However, the increased dependency on chips for each product has resulted in a chip shortage as the demand surpasses the supply. This has translated into a unique challenge for all companies utilizing chips – especially businesses … Read more

E-Commerce Analytics: Optimizing Your E-Commerce Solution

The world of e-commerce has grown and changed in ways we would never have imagined just a few years ago. The restrictions of the pandemic and the shift to online buying have driven many businesses to adopt e-commerce. Those already operating online seek ways to refine their operations to serve their customers better and remain … Read more

How to Avoid Costly Production Delays and Disruptions

It’s no secret that manufacturers must plan carefully and thoughtfully to avoid costly production delays and disruptions. But what may be less well-known is just how critical Material Resource Planning (MRP) is to the success of any manufacturing process. By having a well-thought-out plan for procuring and managing materials, manufacturers can avoid costly delays and … Read more

How Greenshades Can Help You Simplify & Automate Complicated Payroll Taxes

Complex, numerous, and ever-changing — payroll tax policies are already hard enough. A new level of difficulty is added when payroll is forced to handle complicated payroll teams taxes across multiple states and jurisdictions. We understand the challenges payroll teams face. And we are here to help you through them. At Greenshades, we’ve dedicated our … Read more

Boost Your Agent Retention Rate with a Robust Agent Self-Service Portal by Domain 6

The competition for the nation’s best agents among top real estate brokers has never been fiercer. Agents who know their worth look for something way more attractive than a sweet commission split and a brand name. Earlier, we did a deep-dive into 4 main reasons why you may lose your agents in one of our … Read more

9 B2B E-Commerce Trends that Will Affect Your Business in 2022 – Part 3

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