The Works Services-as-a-Subscription Model Update

Back in May, I wrote a post describing a completely new Services model we call “The Works from Forceworks”. It is a Services-as-a-Subscription model that is unique in the industry. I also promised to follow up with our learnings from this new model, so today I will do just that. The Works First, I’ll remind … Read more

How the Traditional Manufacturing Business model is Changing due to Digital Transformation

Manufacturers have been integrating the strategic application of technology and automated processes into their business models for several years. Yet, as organizations continue to develop, digital transformation manufacturing initiatives have infiltrated the industry. Grasping the impact digital transformation has had on the manufacturing industry so far – and the probable impact it will continue to … Read more

Why the Hybrid Workplace Needs a Hybrid IT Model

Hybrid work— people working seamlessly from both the office and a remote location— has been happening for years, but the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the shift in ways few people anticipated. Ironically, while IT’s efforts to support these environments boosted business agility worker productivity, it also further complicated already complex IT portfolios. Here’s the issue: This … Read more

Generate In-App Notifications in Bulk when using @ZapObjects Notifications Generator App for Dynamics 365 for Sales, Customer Service & Model Driven Apps

Before we start the blog, let me tell you that In-App Notifications feature is now in GA (for details, refer this MSFT Announcement (Apr 22)). You can generate In-App Notification for Single User only by using the documented approach as per MSFT KB article. However there isn’t any supported way to generate Notifications for multiple … Read more

The Smart Maintenance Model and the Technologies that Make It Happen

Maintenance is a necessary and ongoing part of doing business for manufacturers and supply chain management experts. Maintaining optimal performance levels of the many machines, tools, pieces of equipment, and vehicles takes a dedicated effort. This is crucial to business success, as downtime in any single component within an operation can lead to costly delays … Read more

Add Model App record link to an Approval Item Link

When you are deciding if you want to approve an action, you probably want more information then a description. Luckily we can add a link to our Approval request! This is a follow up on my previous post where I showed how to trigger an Approval inside a Business Process Flow. In this blogpost I … Read more

It’s Time for a New Services Model for Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform

About seven years ago we pioneered the “Support by Blocks” model, and it has served our Forceworks clients and us well. But thanks to Microsoft, it is time for a whole new model for Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Support and Services. Let’s unpack this one. The Challenge Let’s be honest, no business application you … Read more

How to tell what model iPad you have

Source: Adam Oram / iMore With several different iPad lines available, new models are released at various different times of the year so we don’t blame anyone for getting a little confused as to exactly which iPad they are currently using. While you might recognize the name iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro, or iPad mini, … Read more