Modernize your enterprise with data services that deliver cloud operations everywhere

Why Data-First Data-first modernization begins with an always-on and always-fast data delivery so that applications are powered to support an organization’s needs. As I shared earlier this year, data-first businesses are more likely to outpace their competitors, recover faster from ransomware, and drive more innovation. This allows you to deliver more products to market and … Read more

Accelerating payments modernization in the cloud with SWIFT

Over the last few years, financial institutions have been through seismic changes in the global economy. Among them has been the rapid increase and adoption of digital payment methods and the emergence of new cloud-native payment providers. To keep pace and unlock new value, these institutions are prioritizing the need to modernize their payment infrastructures … Read more

Dynamics 365 breathes composability into enterprise resource planning modernization

Retail executives have long understood the critical role that supply chain management plays in their organization’s ability to meet customer demand. Yet, as central as the supply chain is to success in most companies, customers rarely consider it when placing an order. This status quo shifted during pushed during the pandemic as high-profile disruptions and … Read more