Does Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4 dethrone the Surface Duo’s dual-screen multitasking?

Samsung has unveiled its latest generation Galaxy Z Fold device, an iterative upgrade over last year’s model, with a slightly wider aspect ratio, flatter and shinier edges, plus better cameras on the back. Samsung is continuing to push foldables to a more mainstream market, but with a starting price of $1,799, it’s still awfully expensive, … Read more

The Best iPadOS Multitasking Tips and Tricks to Use Your iPad Like a Pro

Although its nowhere near as powerful as macOS, Apple has put considerable effort into improving multitasking on iPadOS. Let’s glance over the best tips and tricks that help you use the iPad like a pro. The company added quite a few elements to iron out multitasking woes on the iPad. One of the most effective … Read more