Microsoft Dynamics 365 Omnichannel for Customer Service – Part-1 – Unified Routing

I have worked on many enterprise projects that requires an engine to intelligently route work related records to their destination. This is especially true for Customer Service where in the incoming work must be routed to Agents. The understanding and design of Work routing is crucial for the ability of the organization to scale as … Read more

Unified Routing – Sentiment Predictions

Within Microsoft’s Unified Routing for Dynamics 365 we can route work items using AI based sentiment predictions. Say you detect that a customer is really unhappy when starting a conversation in Omnichannel for Customer Service… with this feature you could route the conversation customer to a specific queue possibly staffed by agents who are the … Read more

Omnichannel for Customer Service – Collection

Omnichannel for Customer Service Omnichannel for Customer Service provides omnichannel capabilities for Dynamics 365. Giving us web chat, SMS, voice and more directly within Dynamics 365. Other related functionality includes Unified Routing to intelligently allocate work items to agents and also the Customer Service Workspace which gives agents a multi-session UI. And not forgetting Power … Read more

Unified Routing – Custom Assignment Rules

Microsoft’s Omnichannel for Customer Service makes use of Unified Routing to allocate (assign) work items to agents. Typically, once a conversation or record is routed to a queue, we use either “highest capacity” or “Round Robin“Logic to assign work items to the next available agent. But we can also create custom assignment methods to handle … Read more

Omnichannel for Customer Service – Emergency Situations

I have recently been helping a company in Texas implement Microsoft’s new Omnichannel voice channel. They presented me with an “interesting” requirement … as call centers in Texas may be located in tornado alley! Meaning they might need to suddenly leave as a twister is due. This got me thinking as to be able to … Read more

Omnichannel for Customer Service – Interruptible IVR BOTs

Within Microsoft’s Omnichannel for Customer Service app with the voice channel we can use a Power Virtual Agent as an IVR BOT. These are powerful, but I have found that as the BOT makes statements or asks questions customer can skip ahead. This can be useful but sometimes we want to ensure the customer hears … Read more

Omnichannel for Customer Service – Conversation Categories

With Microsoft’s Omnichannel for Customer Service I recently had a requirement to create one or more categories for each conversation. The idea being that agents could categorize conversations to support various reporting requirements later down the line. In some scenarios the case table is used extensively. If so, I normally turn to that to understand … Read more

Omnichannel for Customer Service – Voice IVR BOTS

I have been experimenting with using a Power Virtual Agent as an IVR within Microsoft’s Omnichannel for Customer Service. In this post I will explain my findings so far. Prerequisites Obviously, you will need Omnichannel for Customer service installed and your voice channel configured! But beyond that there are some extensions that need to be … Read more

Omnichannel for Customer Service – Outbound Voice Calling

I recently gave a demo of the new voice channel within Dynamics 365’s Omnichannel for Customer Service app. In that post I covered the basics of inbound calling. This time I will explain how to setup and make outbound calls. Many contact centers will require outbound calling. Often the requirement will simply involve an agent … Read more