Onboarding en extensiones para Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Un aspecto importante, y que no debería ser olvidado, en el desarrollo de nuevas funcionalidades en Business Central es poder ayudar al usuario a usar la funcionalidad que hemos desarrollado. Mas allá de preparar manuales de uso tenemos que abordar este punto desde una perspectiva mas moderna y usable. Por ello voy abrir una serie … Read more

Business Central 2022 Wave 1: New help panes and learning tours for better onboarding

In order to accelerate and simplify onboarding for Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft is continuously developing new help and learning tools for this purpose. These have been expanded again with this year’s spring release. More and more companies are deciding to use Dynamics 365 Business Central to manage their business processes. It is an advantage … Read more

The Benefits of Electronic Employee Onboarding within Microsoft Dynamics

Traditional onboarding is often an underwhelming experience. New hires arrive for their first day at work enthusiastic to make an impact and, in many cases, they are whisked off to a gray, windowless room where they are expected to manually fill out an array of forms. In fact, the onboarding of new employees is one … Read more