Microsoft Store killing open-source app sales, angering developers

What you need to know New Microsoft Store policies will take effect on July 16, 2022. Among the changes is a policy that will prohibit the sale of open-source and free apps through the Microsoft Store, even by the developers behind those apps. Developers have spoken out against the change, arguing that the policy stops … Read more

The Morning After: Mastodon, an open-source Twitter alternative, is having a moment

News of Twitter’s buyout has ratted its employees and users as Elon Musk indicated he plans to take a much more hands-off approach to content moderation. As is often the case when Twitter makes a controversial change, some users have threatened to leave the platform. Mastodon has been welcoming those that made the jump. Mastodon … Read more

After Musk’s Twitter takeover, an open-source alternative is ‘exploding’

We may not yet know exactly what Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter means for the platform, but one Twitter alternative is already booming as a result of the news. , the open-source social media service which bills itself as the “largest decentralized social network on the internet,” has been “exploding” since Musk’s acquisition, according to … Read more