SaaS Business Analytics and Health – Subscriptions & Recurring Billing on Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Platform is what you need!

The SaaS business model is here to stay. Today, it’s roughly a market of 150+ billion dollars and seems to keep on growing. But there is always one misconception that SaaS business models are just like traditional business models. However, SaaS or Subscription businesses are more complex than traditional businesses. Traditional business metrics totally fail … Read more

Crowdfunding platform gives donors visibility into climate crisis solutions

By Jackie Gutierrez-Jones “In my talks, I sometimes say, it’s like we’re funding the musicians on the Titanic,” chuckles Karl Burkart, deputy director of One Earth. “A lot of people don’t know how to be philanthropists in climate. And that’s one of the things we’re really trying to help with, because we need to scale … Read more

Power Platform Blind Spots – Microsoft Dynamics CRM Community

My CTO, Vlad Sarov, brought up the term “Blind spots” in a conversation we had the other day regarding our Services as a Subscription model. He described one benefit of the service as helping customers see their “blind spots” in the Power Platform. Oddly enough, I had a new customer call the next day, where … Read more

MultiVersus embraces the competitive side of platform fighters

I’m a massive fan of platform fighters. In fact, I consider Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to be the greatest fighting game of all time. What started as an absurd multiplayer novelty on the N64 has blossomed into a prominent sub-genre with a fierce online community of competitive players. The ingenious marriage of simplistic pick-up-and-play controls … Read more

Introducing the Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform: A comprehensive, flexible customer care solution

In today’s digital world, brand reputation is synonymous with customer experience, including the quality of customer care. Consumers expect effortless, consistent, and secure experiences across any point of contact they choose a fact, their brand perception and customer loyalty depend on it. With the stakes this high, companies need a comprehensive yet flexible solution to … Read more

Top 8 picks for the Power Platform Release Wave 2

It is that time of the year again, the release wave is announced. Here we get a glimpse on what is on the backlog of the product teams. Of course everything on this list is subject to change and Microsoft reserves their major announcements for their big events. However it is still fun going through … Read more

Dynamics 365 & Power Platform – 2022 release wave 2 plans

Today, Microsoft released the new plans for 2022 release wave 2. These plans will tell you about the short-term investments to be released by Microsoft for Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform. Microsoft is releasing these plans twice a year to indicate what they are working on. In this post, you will find the links … Read more

Power Platform Design Sessions: Representing Master Data in Dataverse

All digital modernization and transformation solutions rely heavily on ample planning grounded in a core quality framework. A major component of this framework is defining the data strategy. This session looks to cover data considerations and tools empowering teams to connect to master data. We will considers for moving data into Dataverse such as for … Read more

Microsoft Build のハイライト: Power Platform に関する発表を改めてご紹介

(本投稿は米国時間2022年5月31日付のブログ投稿の日本語抄訳です。内容に齟齬がある場合、原文を正とさせていただきます。) Microsoft Build のハイライト: Power Platform に関する発表を改めてご紹介 Microsoft Build 2022 にご参加いただいたすべての皆様に、この場を借りて心からお礼を申し上げます。開催期間中は、連日多くのセッションが開催され、さまざまな発表やグローバルなディスカッションが行われていたため、すべてのイベントにリアルタイムでご参加いただくことは難しかったかと思います。セッション動画、トランスクリプト、プレゼン資料といった関連コンテンツのほとんどは、現在オンデマンドでご利用いただけるようになっています。この記事では Build 2022 の内容をまとめてご紹介しますので、情報のキャッチアップにお役立てください。 手始めに、ぜひ基調講演の「コラボレーション アプリとローコードがもたらすイノベーション (英語)」をご覧ください。Microsoft Power Platform によるローコード ソリューションの構築と、Microsoft Teams によるコラボレーション アプリの構築に関する新機能と機能更新の概要を説明しています。 Microsoft Power Pages で、エンタープライズ レベルのローコード Web サイトをすばやく作成して広く 今年の Microsoft Build では、ローコードのビジネス Web サイトをすばやく作成できる新製品の Power Pages を発表しました。 Power Pages は、顧客、パートナー、コミュニティにすばやくアプローチできる、モダンでセキュアなレスポンシブ デザインのビジネス Web サイトを作成するためのローコード開発ツールです。現在はプレビューとして公開されており、数多くの機能を試すことができます。Power Pages の Design Studio では、モダンなビジネス Web サイトを簡単に設計し、スタイルを決定し、構成、公開を行うことができます。Templates Hub では、デモ … Read more