AI Builder Deep Dive: Overview of Possibilities and Best Practices

Have you ever had to manually input data from a document into a database or Excel sheet? Whether you’ve tried using code-based crawlers or complex AI monitoring to extract this data automatically, the barrier to entry for AI operations on documents was fairly large and previously required a developer to create the tools. For Power … Read more

User Adoption for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM – Plan your journey with best practices, and right tools!

As a Preferred App on Microsoft AppSource, User Adoption Monitor, tracks and monitors the actions performed by enabled users in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. It is an effective tool used by managers or administrators for monitoring Microsoft Dynamics CRM user adoption. How? Let’s find out from the below scenario. Mark is the Senior Sales Manager … Read more

Pride ERG leader Michael J. Fox’s best practices for embracing diversity

By Robert DiGiacomo Growing up in Virginia, Michael J. ā€œMJā€ Fox knew he was different and recalls being more interested in his Nintendo 64 than dating girls. By the time he got to high school, MJ, who uses he/him pronouns, had realized he was gay, but didn’t begin to come out to family and friends … Read more

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Lead/Case Assignment Automation Rules – Best Practices and Tricks!

Businesses revolve around Sales. That is why Leads are precious because only a fraction of them are converted into sales. And one of the challenges that organizations face in lead conversion is responding quickly to newly generated leads. 41% of business organizations feel that following up with leads quickly is a challenge. But only 25% … Read more

Best Practices for Tracking Outbound Sales Activity in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

To be successful with your CRM system, you need to capture sales activities consistently. Ideally, you should be able to rely on each member of your sales and marketing teams to track their activities and all interactions with your customers. But if the process is not easy, they won’t do it. It’s always easier not … Read more

Microsoft Power BI Best Practices

For better performing reports and dashboards, it is very essential that they be built keeping in mind the best practices. Below is a consolidated list of best practices. And as we go along this list will have more additions. On the Power BI reporting front, here are the main things to keep in mind Visuals: … Read more