Nonprofits: Choose a Mobile Solution for Donation Processing

Nonprofits depend on donations, gifts, and fundraisers to further their objectives. But accurately processing the funds taken in requires time and effort. And it has to be done correctly and reliably in order to keep the organization compliant, transparent, and focused on the bigger picture. Most nonprofits’ staff joined up because they wanted to help … Read more

What does the Purchase Order Processing Reconcile process do in Microsoft Dynamics GP?

Hi everyone! Throughout the years supporting Microsoft Dynamics GP, I’ve been asked numerous times about our Purchase Order Processing Reconcile process. Everything from when to run it, how often to run it and what it’s really used for. I wanted to bring some light to this functionality to help you understand the overall functionality and … Read more

Payment Processing in Business Central: 3 Wins of Integrated Payments

Small and mid-sized businesses can count on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to house all their business operations—from sales and services to finance and operations. But, when it comes to managing the order-to-cash cycle, there’s one step that lives outside of the Business Central platform: payment processing. Without a way to integrate payment processing with … Read more