It’s All About Who You Know: Connected Relationships in AEC Software

Architecture, engineering, and construction firms work on two fronts: bringing in new business and keeping existing customers satisfied and loyal. Technology can help with this, but you have to understand how to apply that technology in order for it to help you build a Connected Firm. In this blog article, just one in a series … Read more

Bugsnax for Xbox review: A quirky tale of insecurities, relationships, and addiction

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Get valuable insights into CRM data with new-age smart Data Visualization apps – Kanban Board and Map My Relationships!

Recently, data visualization apps have become an integral part of many business processes. Increasingly, companies across the world are taking advantage of these tools to sort through massive amounts of data and for presenting it to stakeholders and business owners in ways that they can understand. Quicker decisions, improved insight into business health, higher productivity … Read more