Digital Transformation in the Rental Industry: What COOs Must Know!

70% of digital transformations fail, as per research by Boston Consulting Group. As the second in command, looking to digitally transform your rental business, you want to be among the 30% that have done it right. At To-Increase, we have worked with international companies with nearly two decades of experience in offering software solutions embedded … Read more

To-Increase Launches a Plug-And-Play Analytics Solution for Rental Businesses

Analytics for Rental and Lease is a simple, plug-and-play solution that helps you make the right business decisions and enhances rental operations with industry-specific insights. Veenendaal, Netherlands, April 2022 — To-Increase has launched a new all-inclusive analytics solution for the Rental industry. Loaded with proven business knowledge around the rental value chain, Analytics for Rental … Read more

How Rental ERP Mitigates Challenges for CFOs in Rental Companies

Irregular cash flow, revenue loss due to increased equipment downtime, or limited financial insights into rental fleet performance. These are some of the challenges you might be familiar with as the CFO of a rental business. To ensure you’re staying ahead of these challenges, you’d want to adopt technology that ensures your business is adapting … Read more

Minut helps monitor rental properties without posing privacy issues

If the third alert is ignored, Minut will give you the option for its “Responders” (you can send one even before the system does it manually). The Responder feature is an optional addition to the Minut plan and is only available in certain areas like the UK. Here, the company will send vetted and trained … Read more