Advanced robotics may ease restaurant labor shortages

By Russ Banham As restaurants revive, new automated kitchen technologies promise more cost-effective operations and a solution to the ongoing labor shortage. According to statistics compiled by the National Restaurant Association, the restaurant industry employed an estimated 14.5 million people at the end of 2021—1 million less than pre-pandemic levels. However, half of the restaurant … Read more

Robotics program opens doors for underserved students

By Jackie Gutierrez-Jones | Photography by Ilana Panich-Linsman Zaide Pasion, 17, holds a Sphero BOLT Coding Robot. “Hold on, let me show you something,” says Dr. Maria Elena Cruz. A small sphere encased in clear plastic comes into view, revealing whirring gears, sensors and a glowing LED matrix inside. “This was the inspiration behind our … Read more

Hewlett Packard Enterprise drives innovation at the extreme edge on the International Space Station with 24 completed experiments

Enabling faster computing and shorter download times to Earth with 20,000X speed-up The edge computing capabilities delivered through SBC-2 also have the potential to enable astronauts and space explorers to send data to Earth, whether to be further analyzed or used in another way, at a radically compressed size and faster speed. Previously, 1.8 GB … Read more