Overwatch 2 beta impressions: Breathing new life into Blizzard’s stagnant hero shooter

Source: Activision Blizzard When Blizzard’s ambitious 6v6 hero shooter Overwatch released back in 2016, I instantly fell in love. Its stylish visuals and wide variety of unique and charming characters drew me in, and I regularly played the game for two years as Blizzard added maps, game modes, quality-of-life features, and heroes. However, Overwatch’s gameplay … Read more

Sniper Elite 5 preview: The stealthy shooter that just keeps getting better

Source: Rebellion It has been more than 16 years since Rebellion first introduced the world to Karl Fairburne, an elite sniper serving with the Office of Strategic Services during World War II. Over the course of the previous Sniper Elite games, Karl has served as the staple protagonist while players put his undeniable marksman skills … Read more

Arkfall: Mech Battles is an entire first-person shooter built inside Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

Minecraft is an impressive enough game entirely on its own merits, but much of how it has managed to last so long with such incredible levels of success is due to its community. Mojang Studios enables community creators to build new content for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition with a plethora of official tools, released through the … Read more