How will 6G transform the world?

By Russ Banham With 5G networks rolling out across the world and fast becoming yesterday’s news, now is a good time to imagine the future of 6G wireless technology. The sixth-generation wireless standard won’t be ready for prime time until 2028 at the earliest, given the network deployment, expansion and security challenges related to the … Read more

Easily transform your visual design into Canvas App in Power Apps

Introduction In the recent release, we have a new function called “Image” in the Create app feature of Power Apps using which it’s now possible to create a Canvas app by just uploading an image of an app or form. Also, it will help app-makers to easily turn their designs or sketches into working apps … Read more

Lian Li Strimer Plus V2 review: These gorgeous RGB cables will transform your PC

Source: Rich Edmonds / Windows Central If you’re planning to maximize the amount of colored light bouncing around inside the best PC cases, you’ll usually want to use fans and strips that are equipped with RGB LEDs. These are then controlled through the motherboard or a dedicated RGB hub that interfaces with software to let … Read more

Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing: 3 ways to transform your manufacturing workforce

To keep up with the fast pace of digital manufacturing trends, today’s manufacturers need to build a capable workforce that can adapt quickly to new ways of working. However, studies show that many manufacturers are concerned about the challenges of attracting, retaining, and training effective employees. Only 60 percent of manufacturing chief financial officers say … Read more

How to digitally transform your manufacturing business with Dynamics 365?

Manufacturing efforts to improve productivity and customer satisfaction were seen as separate endeavors a few decades ago. These assumptions are being challenged by today’s convergence of physical and digital developments. Modern manufacturers are focusing on integrating digital and physical systems, better visibility and increased efficiency, increased flexibility, and reduced costs. To better all elements of … Read more

How fathering a son with disabilities helped Microsoft’s CEO transform the company

We all know or have seen someone with a disability. But how many of us have stopped to look at life through that person’s eyes? How many of us have contemplated the profound challenge even a tiny staircase poses to someone who uses a wheelchair? Or who among us has considered that the displays on … Read more

How to transform your business with Azure IoT Central

In the world of IoT platforms, Microsoft has come up as a reputed name and a reliable one. The platform or the application Azure IoT Central has come up lately with several features and specifications to help you transform the IoT data into fruitful insights that can be highly beneficial for your organization. What is … Read more